At Plasma Cut we offer a range of products & services to meet your unique requirements. Be it standard or cut to size plate in either Stainless steel, Carbon steel and exotic alloys in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm up to 100mm. Plasma Cut also offers auxiliary processing such as brushing, bending, roll on edge cylinders, flanges, welding, pre-fabrication and fabrication of both Stainless and Carbon steel products.

Backed by our experienced and highly skilled team we have successfully completed extremely challenging projects for very unique clients.

Please see below for the range of products we supply:

Roll on Edge

At Plasma Cut we have the versatility of producing cylinders to spec, in various thicknesses as well. Please contact us should you require a quote or more information.


Flanges are either forged, cut, or machined from a disc of steel. Each varying in strength, complexity, and purpose. At Plasma Cut we supply the standard flanges and fittings, but also manufacture special sized flanges.

Cut to size plate

Our core focus is cut to size sheet and plate, which we pride ourselves in, at Plasma Cut we have state of the art technology and equipment to meet your metal need. We offer Laser cutting up to 6 metres long, and hi-definition Plasma Cutting up to 13 metres long.

Flanges - products page
cut to size plate
Bars & Pipes

Either flat or round, hollow bar, round bar, or seamless pipes we supply them in varying lengths and thicknesses and angles, welded and manufactured specifically for your need. Please contact us should you require a quote or more information.


Lipped, J-Shaped, bent to spec, At Plasma Cut we offer a variety of channels manufactured to meet your need. We offer bent channels up to 6 metres long in various widths. Please contact us should you require a quote or more information.

bars and pipes

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