Quality Work and Continuous Improvement Methods

We have established ourselves as a consistent experienced quality performer in the challenging area of fabrication. With a continuous commitment to the evaluation and improvement of our technology, equipment, and quality processes with the aim of being the leader in the industry.

Our motto:” There is always a better and faster way”.

Having pride in our work, coupled with a highly trained and capable workforce, leads to consistent, high quality, dimensionally on every order. Our facilities pursue continuous improvement methods utilising the latest methods and procedures. We maintain ASME code welding while undergoing vigorous ASME welding procedure inspections.

Our capabilities include most metallurgy pipe sizes up to 1500mm and all pipe schedules together with our indoor shop facilities we routinely fabricate piping for construction projects all over the nation.

We fabricate all types of industrial process items, for a number of customers in: chemical, utility, and sanitary industries. Consistent quality and continuous improvement is what can be expected from us on all your fabrication projects.

Quality Control

Plasma Cut is committed to providing the best quality of services and customer relations to all of our clients and customers using continuous improvement methods, procedures and policies. This is ingrained into the total process as can be seen from our SABS ISO 9001-2008 Certificate.

On every order, our fabrication processes and product goes through a series of checks to ensure dimensional accuracy, completeness, weld quality, and conformance to the design and specifications of the customer.

All finished products undergo testing as specified by the customer. Typical tests we utilised in our shop at Plasma Cut include: x-ray, dye-penetrant checks. What we cannot do ourselves, we outsource to reliable approved suppliers.

We assemble complete inspection test plans, test packages at the onset and completion of the project for review and acceptance by the owner.

We employ and keep on staff, experienced qualified certified inspectors to insure quality standards, procedures and policies are adhered to on all of our projects per contractual requirements.

Plasma Cut-Fabrication has an extensive Quality Control program that encompasses all areas of our shop. We are always looking to upgrade and improve our programs and processes to ensure we can provide “added value” to all our customers.

Our facilities have been audited by a number of recognised firms and we are proud to say that we have been found to be compliant to their requirements.

Internal procedures include developing specific Quality Control Plans that are available for all orders and employees involved in the Quality Control Program.

Hence, we are in a position to deliver what the customer wants when the customer wants it.

Our Partners